The Complete Guide to Campaigning

The Complete Guide to Campaigning

Campaigns empower anyone to make a difference

Here at Causes, we’re building some powerful tools that allow anyone, anywhere to campaign for their cause and make a difference. To complement these tools, we’ve written up some extensive guides that will teach you how to run a successful campaign. Get started by reading 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Campaign or click on any of the guides below.

5 questions to ask yourself before starting a campaign

Developing Your Campaign Strategy

Starting your campaign

Promoting your campaign

6 ways to keep up your campaign's momentum

How To Organize An Event

Declaring campaign victory and closing the loop

How To Get Media Coverage For Your Campaign

  • Guest

    losing My Wifes Memorial before the Closure-of-Burial,

    My Family, All I possess, collateral damage of the Power Play. I aint dead yet,

    so lets Press ON! If this is all that I have left to live for…I will die the way I live,

    or Honor My Wife and Family for generations yet to come.

    • stephanie wilson

      may you be blessed by God. you are very sweet.