6 Ways to Keep Up Your Campaign’s Momentum

6 Ways to Keep Up Your Campaign’s Momentum

In the last post, we discussed how inviting others and spreading the word on social media and email can gather support for your campaign. Now it’s time to keep up the momentum!

In this post, we’ll discuss six ways to keep your campaign’s supporters engaged and motivated, while simultaneously recruiting others to take action.

1. Add more posts

Adding interesting YouTube videos, articles, photos, and personal stories to your campaign provides fresh content that can educate, inform, and inspire your campaign’s supporters.

You can use posts to spark a conversation by sharing powerful photos, personal stories, and videos, or by asking your supporters thought-provoking questions. Replying to their comments (more on this in a bit) is a great way to build an engaged community and promote thoughtful discussion.

You can also turn campaign supporters into your top recruiters by asking them to share posts to their social networks. This allows your campaign to reach beyond your own network and recruit friends of friends of friends. Each post you or someone else adds to the campaign can be easily shared to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn without ever leaving Causes.

Adding more posts to a campaign

Pro TipYou can see how effective each post is at inspiring actions by viewing the statistics on the right-hand side of the post’s page. Refer back to our in-depth guide on how to frame, analyze, and optimize posts.

2. Reply to comments

Post and action pages allow people to leave comments underneath the post content. Replying to those comments can help facilitate discussion and keep supporters engaged with your campaign. After replying to someone’s comment, they will receive an email notification prompting them to reply.

Replying to comments on a campaign

Pro TipAs a campaign leader, you have full control over the visibility of each comment. If you wish to hide any inappropriate comments, simply click Hide. You can learn more about flagging comments and abusive behavior here.

3. Send updates

Updates are a great way to keep your campaign’s supporters engaged and motivated. You can share information about how your campaign is progressing, as well as any additional information you think they’ll find useful. Here’s a few ways you can use updates to help keep up the momentum:

  • Share campaign news or a key event
  • Ask campaign supporters to start personal campaigns or invite others
  • Highlight pressing needs
  • Celebrate milestones
  • Thank people for supporting your campaign

To post an update, go to your campaign, click Post an update, and then fill in the form.

Posting an update to a campaign

Pro TipYou can email this update to campaign supporters (1 email per hour, 3 emails per day) by checking the box just above the green button.

4. Send personal messages

You can also send personal messages to thank your campaign’s top supporters — the top recruiters or people who have started personal campaigns — for their contributions. This is a great way to let your most valuable supporters know that you truly appreciate their help and creates a stronger bond with your campaign.

To find out who your top recruiters are, scroll down on the campaign page and look for the “Campaign Supporters” and “Campaigners” lists. These lists are sorted in descending order, with the person who has recruited the most actions listed first.

To send a message to a supporter, click on a person’s name to visit their profile. Then, click the envelope icon next to their name.

Sending personal messages

5. Ask your supporters to start personal campaigns

Personal campaigns allow campaign supporters to own a piece of the larger campaign. As a campaign leader, you receive the following benefits when people start personal campaigns:

1. Supporters become recruiters

Each personal campaigner invites others to support the campaign, which leads to more actions being taken and more campaign supporters who can invite others and share posts to social media.

2. Supporters become personally invested in the campaign

Empowering campaign supporters to launch personal campaigns develops a stronger interest in the campaign’s success. When supporters create their personal campaign, they are prompted to share their own unique story.

6. Pitch the media

If your campaign is gaining traction, it may be a good time to start pitching media outlets. Posts on issue-specific blogs, articles in local and national newspapers, and live news stories help build awareness for your campaign and can help recruit more supporters. In addition, campaign coverage can be a great morale booster. To learn how to get media coverage for your campaign, click here.

With your campaign’s momentum at an all-time high and an active and invested group of supporters, it’s time to turn your online success into offline impact.

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